At CIXI, we want to
'reactivate' daily transport
and contribute to the revival
of our modern lives.
We want to transform these 'passive'
journeys that are part of our busy days
into moments of conscious effort, so
that we lead more active and healthy
lifestyles. With our first active vehicle,
and our patented electronic pedal
technology, we are reintroducing daily
physical activity by transforming regular
transport into ‘active’ mobility.
CIXI, an adventure born in 2015 which has now reached more than 65 committed employees.

We are a passionate team from all corners of the globe, committed to create a new kind of active
mobility, enjoyable for all.
By integrating physical activity into our
daily activities, active mobility allows us
all to (re)discover the wonder and well-
being that comes from physical effort.
If our users are able to transform their
journey to work into a path of personal
development, then CIXI will have
succeeded in its mission!
Nina, Carlos, Lucas, Nicolas and Pierre.
Co-founders of CIXI

We create wonder moments

At CIXI, we believe being happy is an exercise that needs daily practice. We are committed to offer
a working environment that allows our team to use their days meaningfully, and provide to our
customers the possibility to transform their daily commutes into opportunities for well-being.

The Path is the Objective

Our technology evolves thanks to our clients.
Discover our latest collaborations.

Introducing the first Chainless 2WD E-MTB

When versatility meets Chainless technology

When innovations meet to take active mobility to a new level


Transform everyday life into an
opportunity for well-being

An active vehicle to pedal up to 120 km/h comfortably, safely and intuitively

Activate mobility
At CIXI, we want to open active mobility to each and everyone. The chainless electronic crankset PERS adapts pedal resistance according to the rider’s style, to offer a tailor-made experience. With this technology, no need to be an athlete to actively travel 20 or 30 km, our electronic crankset system makes active mobility possible and enjoyable for all!​​​​

Rediscover cycling journeys, with our
chainless pedaling technology

Une technologie qui révolutionne le monde du vélo

and assembled
in the French Alps.​
The design and the assembly of the PERS and the VIGOZ are carried out in France. We thus contribute to the creation of local jobs and the development of know-how and expertise in Europe.

One step towards well-being, everyday

Inside CIXI
Discover our job offers and our products designed for an active lifestyle

CIXI Careers

Join an enthusiastic and passionate
team engaged in a meaningful project.


Learn more about CIXI, our philosophy, our vision of today’s transportation, and our brand development.

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