Greener Mobility by CIXI

Our convictions and actions for a more sustainable future
By Nina Omerovic-Beccalli6 min read
Greener Mobility by CIXIOur convictions and actions for a more sustainable future
By Nina Omerovic-Beccalli6 min read

In the following paragraphs we tell about our convictions and the actions we take to build a more sustainable future. These go from creating cultural change towards cycling, to building smaller vehicles and proposing our active vehicles in membership instead of ownership.

More cycling in the world, for a lighter footprint.

Light, efficient, and good for our health – cycling is one of the best ways to move around.

At CIXI, we imagine a world where walking and traveling by bicycle would be the norm, and car travels would be reserved for specific purposes, long distance travelling for instance. A world where everyone would benefit from the health benefits and mental relief provided by daily exercise.

We build active vehicles, to cycle more.

Our objective is to create a cultural change towards cycling.
We want to change people’s lives and enable them to take control of their own health by transforming their current car trips into well-invested active moments.
For this, we build active vehicles, to cycle by any weather, at any speed. Our range of active vehicles will expand from bicycles, to pedal at 25 km/h, to VIGOZ, to pedal safely at up to 120 km/h.

Range of active vehicles

Active Vehicles: fast, safe and low-footprint.

Active Vehicles are made to have a low environmental footprint and to coexist with the sustainable mobility ecosystem we imagine, where bicycles are the number one choice when traveling around.

Active Vehicles allow users to travel fast, safe, and protected from weather conditions, enabling users to cycle on occasions they did not before. They also provide a unique riding experience thanks to CIXI’s pedal and active-tilt technologies.

Actives Vehicles will come in different shapes and sizes to adapt to different travel needs, extending the cycling opportunities for some, and introducing cycling as transportation to others.

How are Active Vehicles low-footprint ?

Our Active Vehicles are lightweight and they are offered in membership rather than ownership. In the following paragraph we explain the logic behind these claims :

Lightweight vehicles

Active Vehicles consume less energy because they are smaller and lighter than cars, and have a good aerodynamic performance thanks to small frontal surfaces.
Active Vehicles need smaller batteries than cars to achieve a given range thanks to their low energy consumption.
Active Vehicles require less manufacturing materials than cars, such as aluminum and plastics for the body, and lithium and heavy metals for the battery.

Membership Access

A subscription-based model results in recurrent revenues that enable us to act with a long term perspective.

We focus on maximizing the utilisation of existing assets instead of blindly pushing the sales growth year after year.
We focus on the quality and durability of our products for it is directly related to customer satisfaction and our success.
As owner of all Active Vehicles we produce, CIXI is responsible for the vehicle from cradle to cradle, so we can implement a reuse-refurbish-recycle long term philosophy to the benefit of the planet.​


Active Vehicles have a built-in option to allow easy sharing with the people you choose.

Sharing is the best way to maximize the utilisation of existing vehicles, reducing the time they spend parked. This also allows new people to discover Active Vehicles, and benefit from it at specific occasions. Owners can choose to lend their hyfits publicly, selectively or not at all. Those who do so will be financially rewarded.

The CIXI adventure begins with our first series of Active Vehicles, the VIGOZ : a 3-wheel, tilting vehicle for 2 people, capable of driving at 120 km/h. Membership reservations will open in 2022.

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