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Reveal your talent in the CIXI adventure
At CIXI we want to change the world for the better: we work to make real a more active and environmentally friendly lifestyle. To do  this, we develop our own capacity to welcome and help each of our teammates grow
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Lithium Batteries
More or less lithium in our vehicles?
Today’s EV market race is about having the biggest autonomy possible to reassure us, the consumers, responding to our main question: how many kilometers can we drive on a single charge? If we care about being eco-responsible though, shouldn’t the question rather be: How many kilometers do I need for my daily use?
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Plateau des Glières
The Path is the Objective…
In CIXI, our start-up, we often describe our vision as being our objective, our destination. On the other hand, our mission is the path we take to get to the objective.
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